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New India Assurance: Movables Comprehensive Insurance

Movables Comprehensive Insurance is designed to protect personal belongings that are not included in the basic fire insurance (home insuance), such as currencies, securities, stamps, precious metals, jewelry, art works, antiques etc.


Coverage area includes damage/loss due to following events:

Please note: The damage must be sudden and unforseen.

1) fire,
2) lightning,
3) burst and explosion,
4) wind, hail or snow* ,
5) falling, flying, crash and collapse of objects,
6) exposure to water*,
7) vandalism,
8) theft and burglary,
9) breakage and
10) damage/loss occured during transport**.

* excluding water leak, for instance from roof and blowing of rainwater/snow/hail.
** Optional coverage is required.

Brochure (only available in Japanese language): Download

What can be covered and not by Movables Comprehensive Insurance (for personal, non-corporate contract)

Movable Comprehensive Insurance can cover:

Personal property owned by individual that is difficult to be covered under fire insurance (home insurance). e.g., antiques, fine art pieces/art works, precious metals, jewelry, etc valued over JPY 300,000*.
*depends on insurance company.

Movables Comprehensive Insurance can't cover:

Automobile, vessels, aircraft, movables to be insured only while in transit between specified places.

Coverage Types

Depending on the purpose of coverage, you are to choose coverage type from below (for personal, non-corporate contract):

1) specified contract
2) currency, securities and stamps

Policy Period and Areas

Policy period will be for a year, within Japan only (non-global coverage).
The premium will depend on coverage types, purpose of insurance, storage/security conditions of insured property and optionals.

Conditions and Exclusions: Insurance Claims

Insurance will be claimable in case where the damage/loss to insured property occurred by:

1) fire, lightning burst and explosion - includes damage/loss due to fire-fighting actions.
2) wind, hail or snow - excluding damage/loss due to flood due to melted snow and flood, typhoon, high tides and blowing of rainwater, hail and snow and rainwater leaks.
3) theft and burglary - includes attempted theft/burglary.
4) breakage - Any accidental/incidental damage caused by other than 1-3 above, however excluding exposure to water due to flood, flood due to melted snow, high tide and landslide, falling rocks as a result of typhoon, storm, heavy rain.

The policy never covers damage arising:

1) due to intent, serious negligence or an illegal activity on your part.
2) due to earthquake, volcanic eruption, flooding, acts of war or nuclear reaction.
3) due to a plant, mould, virus, bacteria or vermin
4) due to misplacement and mysterious loss/disappearance

For more information, please refer Exclusions in details when insurance is not paid.

Require Quote?

Please contact us via email ( for quotes. We will be requiring below information to calculate yearly premiums for the policy:

1) detail of item/s,
2) receipt/certificate of item/s and
3) information on where and how the item/s will be stored.

We'll get back to you with a quote for consideration.

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