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Mobile Insurance (Sakura Shougakutanki Hoken KK)

Mobile Insurance (Communication Devise Repair Expenses Coverage) is a multi-devise protection up to 3 devices, providing coverage against damage (e.g., screen), water damage, theft and malfunctions. Devices can include tablets, laptops and portable game players that are available for wireless connections.
This coverage provides cashless services at specified stores (repair partners) without creating claim documents and are eligible for same-day repair (depends on the damage).

Officical information including terms and conditions are only available in Japanese.

To apply: online application (the page is in Japanese) can be made either from your mobile phone using QR code, or click here for PC page.

QR code for applying through mobile phone.

Please download instructions and notes in English for assistance from here.


4 Advantages

1) One policy to cover up to 3 devises.

Regardless of communication provider and/or manufacturer of the devise, 3 devises can be registered under one policy.

However please note two points below when applying. Devise needs to be:

Newly purchased in Japan from an officual manufacture (official product) within a year and

available for wireless network/connection.

2) Maximum of JPY 100,000 coverage for a year. No limit for number of claims can be lodged.

No limit is set for number of claims that can be lodged until the maximum insured amount of JPY 100,000 is reached.

Maximum (limit) insured amount for the main devise will be JPY 100,000 and JPY 30,000 for sub devises. Total insured amount of JPY 100,000/year.

e.g., 1st claim – main devise of JPY 50,000, 2nd claim – sub devise JPY 30,000, leaving JPY 20,000 insured amount claimable until next renewal.

3) Easy claims
Lodge a claim online from personal page (My Page). Payment are usually made within 5 weekdays, excluding claims that require further information and/or reference from public agency.

4) Switching registered devises
You can switch devises between main and sub coverages at any time. If you purchase a new devise, simply register new details online for protection.

Insurance Premium

 JPY 700/monthly(tax-free)
Payment method: Credit card payment.
Coverage for: Smart phones, tablets, mobile game player, etc that can be connected to wifi network. Three devises can be covered under one policy.
Insurance payment at: Breakage, water damage, malfunction and theft. Only covered within Japan. no global coverage are available.

Policy renewal: Automatic renewal system. Unless advised 24 hours before the renewal date, the policy will be automaticlly renewed.
*Coverage will automtically be terminated once JPY 100,000 insured amount is reached, and automatically renewed with JPY 100,000 insured amount at next renewal.

Major exclusions when insurance are not paid.

* Excludes damages such as scratch, smudge, dust spots, burn marks etc that doesn't affect the function of a devise.
* Insurance will not be paid for natural wear and tear, rust, mold, peeling off of paint, cracks, distortion, flexure and/or dent which is not accompanied by loss or deterioration of the function of a devise.
*Willful misconduct, gross negligence or breach of laws and regulations by the policy holder or the legal representative.
*non-accident/incident damage or loss caused by members sharing living with policy holder.
Insured devises that is left behand or lost.
*damage/loss as a result of earthquake related accidents. E.g., fire as result of earthquake.
*damage/loss due to water disaster.
Damage/loss due to wind and hail disasters while outside of building.

For more details, please refer important matters (Japanese) and terms and conditions (Japanese).

How to Apply

Mobile insurance application is to be completed through online from here.

Sakura Shotan's Mobile insurance is a Japanese insurance product where all details and information are only offered in Japanese language. Devises that can be covered needs to be purchased in Japan and to be less than a year from newly purchased. Coverage area are only within Japan.

Please confirm major exclusions, important matters and terms and conditions before sumitting application through online.
For assistance, please refer here in completing online application form.

For concerns, please contact: .

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